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Image: Oil leak in Gulf of Mexico If this image does not give a New Jersey surfer pause nothing will.  This is a portion of the now 85 mile wide oil slick that is destroying the Gulf of Mexico and is threatening beaches and marine life. 

Keep in mind that the rig that sank off of the coast of Louisiana is currently spewing 5,000 barrels of oil a day.  “Officials” do not have a conclusive timeframe for when they will be able to shut the oil flow off.  Some reports have estimated it to be a minimum of 30 days.  There are plans in place to light the slick on fire to “burn it off.”

Fire boat response crews battle the blazing remnants of the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon

Please keep in mind that this rig was 50 miles from shore.  The proposed exploration off of the lovely coast of New Jersey will take place within 15 miles of Cape May. 


An event like this would destroy our beaches, kill our wildlife and pollute our estuaries for a long time.  This does not even factor in the loss of our ability to surf.  Imagine not being able to hit your local beach break because  you were too busy trying to rescue seabirds.

Get informed.  Contact a local New Jersey Senator like Robert Menendez and let him know your views.  Stay stoked and let your voice be heard.


  This guy has it right.  He is on it at a moments notice and he never misses a chance to hit the point when it is firing.  Unfortunately, we can stare all we want but the projections for swell in Jersey look fairly bleak for the next few days.  There is an off-chance that we may catch a little window of waves on Sunday morning if the winds lay flat.  If you have it in you to start the day with an early check you may get lucky.  Keep your eyes on the ocean.

I went for a surf today.  The waves were 2-3 with offshore winds and some glassy little bowls.  Spring is here and it is almost time to lose the hood! I rode the Local Motion and was still in the Psyco II suit.  I am looking forward to getting out of the winter gear completely and loosening up.  When I was finished surfing I was starving!  

Every surfer knows that nothing is better than settling in for a good plate of food after a solid session.  One of the best local spots to make that happen is 10th Avenue Burrito in Belmar, New Jersey.  They just left their “hole in the wall” location for new digs and the upgrade is excellent.  The food is as good as ever.  Authentic Mexicali vittles.  


10th Ave. has a laid back atmosphere too.  The walls are decorated with the work of local artists and there is always a good song playing.  My wife loves the veggie burritos.  Keep praying for waves and stay stoked! 

Come And Get Your Fill

From 10th Ave. With Love