Ripe and Ready

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Lifestyle
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See full size imageBetween sessions it is important to keep active so that the next time you are in the water you are at your best.  More exercise, more waves, more waves better surfing.  One type of exercise to consider during a flat spell is the use of plyometrics.

Plyometrics are awesome for supporting the explosive bursts of power that surfing requires. Leapfrogging across the floor, jumping squats, and mountain climbers are all good examples of plyometrics. You can also go old school and use rapid fire jumping jacks. Many of these exercises mimic similar body movements that a surfer asks their bodies to make in a very uncouncious manner when surfing.  A succession of pop-ups can help get the blood flowing and awaken the fast twitch muscles that we often take for granted. 

Consistently adding these types of exercises to your routine when there are no waves will help to enhance muscle memory and should make your time surfing more rewarding.

  1. mike howell says:

    Good Job!

    good job!

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