Surfers can get a little stir crazy when it is flat.  This guy would much rather be getting a good barrel, instead he is getting shoulder rides after a late night watching movies and eating salt and vinegar chips.  Fear not, waves will be here again soon. 


It did not help that the board swap down at the Beach House was cancelled today due to rain.  It has been rescheduled for May 16th.  Get your boards ready and find something new to ride. With the summer months coming it is a great time to expand your horizons.  You can always swap it out again next year if you get a lemon.  Bradley Beach should represent.  Identity Surf needs to bring a stick through along with EssenceSurf 

I will bring my 6’4″ Local Motion pin tail.  When it is clean and hollow you will get shacked!  Big red is still on the mend. 

Take Me To The Hospital

 Check back for a movie review of Single Fin Yellow.  Off to see the fine people at 10th Avenue Burrito.

  1. Tim says:

    Hahaha, I need an Identity Surfboards website!!.. But this will have to do for the time being.. 🙂

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