While the weekend did not produce much in the way of swell for the Jersey Shore, we did catch a small window mid-afternoon on Saturday. A small crew got out in Avon, and I think I caught sight of Mailman Bob getting the longest ride of the day.  Always happy to see him in the lineup.  

I was on old trusty, the 7s Superfish.  I swear that thing will go in anything from a foot to 6 foot plus.    

Take note that the Beach House Board Swap is scheduled for this Saturday, May 16th.  If you are in the market to mix your quiver up, stop by with a board you may be willing to pass along.  Festivities kick off at 9 a.m. 


In professional news Gabe Kling won the Nike 6.0 Lowers event in San Clemente, California this weekend.  Tons of detailed coverage on the big daddy of all surf sites, Surfline.  I just wonder what it must be like to get to surf Lowers with one other person out?  I bet these guys are wondering the same thing too! 


Check back later in the week for the first installment of “Surfer Into the Woods.”  Also, I am super excited to get an interview with Ann Coen, a great surf photographer and that will be coming soon.  

Sign up and stayed tuned in.  Thanks a million.


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