Unbelieveable Events in Baja!

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Sessions, waves
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I just got back from Baja! 

Baja Fresh that is.  They continually sucker us back for their food with “buy one get one” coupons.  I rationalize going there for a meal rather than a far cooler place like 1oth Ave. Burrito by convincing myself that the money saved will actually fund a surf trip sometime in the near future.   So while eating, I kicked around in my own personal Wander Lust Hotel, and I thought about some of the places I would love to go for waves. 

10th Ave. Artwork- Jersey Represents

Before hitting the road though I figure I should get myself that new board I keep talking about.  Maybe I will go for the Lost… SDII, as it looks like it could be a performer in a wide array of conditions.

Now, where do I go with all of that “buy one get one cash” I socked away?  Here are the 5 surf destinations that sparked my wander lust today:

1. New Zealand-  I figure that the long flight will mean that I should plan for an extended stay, which is fine with me.  Hitting the countryside in between swells sounds like a great plan.  I suppose I would start this trip with a session (or week) at Raglan.

2. J-Bay, South Africa- What regular foot would not have their interest peaked by the photos and history behind a wave like Jeffrey’s Bay?


3. Biarritz, France- In the summer you have a warm, trunkable lineup crowded with hundreds of people, and an area teeming with things to do.  Great food in between sessions would be a draw for anyone too.

4. Cloud Nine, Philippines- The wave is a tube from start to finish!  Not much more to say about that.

5. Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia-  Paddling out though “the cave” into a lineup with a wave that has multiple sections might just be enough to make me miss my flight home.


 While this is not a conclusive list by any means, I think it is a pretty good start.  And who would have thought that it would all begin with a trip to Baja.

  1. Great opener with the Fresh! I love it- and agree! Where do you get the coupons though?

  2. M says:

    Valpak for the coupons! They have a conspiracy to get us to eat there once a month.

    Find that on the trail?

  3. Mike howell says:

    Good article. Love the responses. We are all alike when it comes to food. Not one comment on the dream surf areas.

  4. The Valpak. You didn’t.

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