One of the cool parts about beach life in New Jersey is the fact that you are never far removed from that space where urban living meets the edge of the shore.  Coming back from a surf check a few days ago I snapped some photos of that urban beauty.


Walk through this gate for a block and a half and you are sitting on the beach staring at the horizon.

And of course there is the prize at the end of the journey…

  1. Jerseyfresh says:

    Is that the break called the $&@”house? M is so right about the urban/ocean line. It’s not unique to NJ, but central Jersey has it’s own flavor of it. Just surf once in Asbury, or just drive there near the beach, and you can almost imagine people in the 20s in suits and ties going on the Ferris wheel or getting a chocolate malt shake. Today’s urban is not quite as nostalgic, but maybe someday it will be. Ask me when I’m 80.

  2. Mike howell says:


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