Movies, Music, Beer and Waves…

Posted: June 1, 2010 in beach, Events
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With Memorial Weekend in the books it is time to get the summertime action in full gear.  The wave outlook is looking slimmer than Iggy Pop in a cocaine factory, but do not despair.  The fine folks at Jetty are offering a screening of the movie Cold Water in Philadelphia.  Yes, they are giving out free beer.  It is also a great chance to look back fondly on the very productive winter that was. 

If that is not your cup of tea, check out the lineup at the Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival.  The Avett Brothers are headlining.  For those not in the know, they crank out some great rootsy rock and roll and they definitely can bring it to you live.  Check out their tune I and You and Love.

Appel Farm Arts & Music Center Logo

Thanks for checking in!

  1. Jerseyfresh says:

    I like how they make the spray off that cutback look like snow. That’s Jersey surfing!

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