The Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo will be taking place in San Diego, California August 14-15th.  Simon Anderson will be honored in an effort to mark the 30 year anniversary of the thruster. 

Anderson is most noted for introducing innovative surfboard designs, particularly the thruster which have completely changed the way that waves are ridden (for many of us anyway).  Every surfer surfing today is effected by his approach, which is really powerful.  What I find most interested about Anderson though, is his belief that surfing and design is about relationships. 

He was quoted once in an interview as saying that, “if you don’t have a relationship with a shaper where you can still get what you want, then that’s more of an issue of not fostering relationships, than me being responsible for something. I’ve only ever done whatever I’ve done in surfing because I want to go surfing – not because I want to dictate where surfing goes, or I want to lead surfing off into a certain area. I’ve just done it because I want to change what I’m doing and I want to move forward on what I’m doing.”

Anderson seems to be saying that it is ultimately important for us to find our own personal mantra for surfing and seek a board that enables that philosophy to be lived.  If it fun you seek, than it is imperative that you find a board that allows for that.  If you seek performance and the ability to do tricks and maneuvers in a progressive fashion than go for it.

In the end it is important that you have the ability to convey your desire to your shaper.  It is through this discussion that you can find a board that is right for you and begin to explore your relationship with surfing.  In coming days I will be speaking Gene, a local Jersey shaper and owner of Essence Surf.  If you are interested in shaping you can also visit Mast Surfboards and get another grass-roots perspective from the west coast.   

All of the best.  Praying for waves…

  1. Casimier says:

    I agree with Simon Anderson…..
    there is a limit to what you can buy off the rack
    so this limits what you can surf…

    Get with your shaper….
    I love it when I can collaborate with a fellow surfer
    on board design….
    The board is HIS/HERS…not mine…I’m just a guy with a few ideas of my own….

    Buy a California’s shaped by a Californian
    Buy an Austrailian board…it’s shaped by an Austrailian

    Buy a New Jersey board….you are there…seeing it, feeling it goes thru the stages and comes to life…at the shaper’s shop!….

    Local shapers are out there….Brian Wynn, Chaize, Gene Wahl…Rich and a lot of others…..just ask at your local surf shop….If they don’t know or won’t tell you of a local shaper…then you are in the wrong place.

    Jim Witkowski
    Casimier Surfboards

  2. M says:

    This is great advice Jim. My next board is going to be local and I am stoked about the process.

  3. mike says:

    R there waves in Hazlet?

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