The Atlantic Ocean did not care that today was International Surfing Day.  Southwest winds and high pressure meant nothing for the prospect of waves.  It is flat spells like this that can give rise to melancholy and despair.  Alas, I am still grateful to be a surfer though, and I take solace in the fact that good waves will come soon, and they will feel all the sweeter for the prolonged down time.

I did however take stock of my quiver today and it is a Regular Joe’s quiver at best. 

Flat Spells Are For the Dogs

First (L to R) we have the 9 foot soft top.  This was a gift from the owners of a surf school where I instructed a few summers ago.  All of you big time bankers and CEOs can keep your 6 figure bonuses, this was a true blessing.  I am counting on it seeing some action this summer too, as I prepare to teach my father how to surf. Happy Father’s Day Pops!

WCT, Here I Come

Now, I know that the words “Fun Shape” will often draw an evil eye from those who think they are in the know.  But this Kia Nalu is 7’ 3,’  it paddles like butter and is Hawaiian shaped.  I can just hear the sneers and jeers as I paddle out into a crowded lineup, but hell this board is fun!

The Fun Starts Here

 Next, we have my 6’ 4” Local Motion.  The board is a rocket.  Of course, at the time of purchase I completely overestimated the arch of my progression.  I guess that I was momentarily enthralled with the idea of pulling a powerful bottom turn, smashing the lip, pumping twice through a meaty barrel before busting a massive cutback and boosting an air as an exclamation point.  I do none of this.  I have however had some great rides on the thing and it serves an occasional purpose.


The Thorn In My Side

Lastly, there is my Steady Freddy.  This is the 6’ 7s Superfish.  This board is awesome fun.  The step down rails allow me to turn quite well.  The swallow tail keeps it light and loose, and I ride this board 90% of the time now. 


Great For the Daily Commute

I did not mention Big Red, but I have blogged about my long standing love affair with this beast previously. Tim, from Identity Surf is currently giving it some TLC, and I know that when the time is right we will get some fun ones.  I will even work on that cross-step that I abandoned all of those years ago.


My International Surf Day quiver evaluation does leave me wanting more.  Isn’t that they way a quiver works though?  Aren’t we always in search of that next great board?  I know that I am.  And not having surf to ride only makes it worse!   

If you have any suggestions about what board would help round this motley crew out, I am open to advice…

Thanks for checking in.

  1. mike says:

    BEST yET

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