The ocean is flat and has been for some time.  I was able to judge the actual lack of surf recently when I checked in on Dan’s blog Jersey Fresh about his hike on the Pacific Coast Trail and saw that he has been in the woods for 54 days.  In that time I have surfed on actual waves 3, maybe 4 times.

Reports say waves may be coming for the weekend though.  I am certain that no one with a board will be sitting this one out.  Like seagulls on a french fry…

Jay Alders checked in, and he is back from Brazil.  Currently, he is on his way to The Pit in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  He will be back in Jersey for his solo exhibit at the Langosta Lounge on July 14th.  That is the same night that Donavon Frankenreiter is playing at the Stone Pony.  This promises to be a great night, and my wife and I will be in effect.

As a follow-up to my visit with Gene Wahl and Essence Surf, the blank is in the pipeline.  Shaping of the Quasar will begin soon and Dylan Jones finished the airbrush on his funshape.  I hope the completion of the Quasar coincides with the arrival of a tropical swell.  The ocean should be cranking out some named storms soon.

Jones' Hand Shaped Board

Speaking of coincidental occurences, we did note that the flat spell has aligned perfectly with the spill in the gulf.  One guy I spoke with recently, by the name of Crazy Bob, suggested that BP “may have shut the atmosphere off.”

When I suggested that this was not really possible he told me that “I did not understand extraterrestrial life forms and the existence of UFO’s.”  When pressed further he produced some questionable photographs and yelled until his front teeth fell out.  Bloddy gums aside, I think Crazy Bob may be on to something.

Come on BP… release the waves already!

  1. i says:

    m- it’s pacific crest trail. i wish i were on the pacific coast trail. but that’s a paddleboard trail.

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