Ain't Nothing Free Kid

I was glad to get to surf this morning.  The waves in my neck of Jersey were 2 foot with a bit of a warble.  The water was warm, and the sunrise was magnificent. 

I know it may seem like I am a shill for Essence Surf, but I am not, believe me.  No sponsorship, I am too much of a kook.  I did however get to ride the loaner that Gene Wahl graciously gave me while he shapes my Quasar, and I was super pleased with the performance.  Given the aforementioned conditions one might think that a 6’7” swallow tail would be a bit excessive, but the 20 + width and the gentle rocker worked really well.

It took me several waves to find my back foot, but once I did I found that the board had plenty of drive and maneuverability.  If I were to order a board with this design, I would personally go 5 inches shorter, or ride it as is in some storm surf.

Gene glasses his boards super light, which is something I am not accustomed to, however I like it.  I am sure it shortens the life span of the board, but it is great to live like there is no tomorrow.

In keeping with the theme of trying out new and varied boards, take note that Channel Islands will be offering surfboard demo days up and down the coast this summer.  There is very little in this world that is free, so this is a great opportunity to try a new design and experiment with no strings attached.  I plan on attending one or two myself with the intent of making mental notes about design elements that I like.  Some of the dates are as follows:

7/25 Ocean City, NJ

7/31 Long Beach Island, NJ

8/1 Manasquan, NJ

8/7 Long Beach, NY…

All of the dates can be found here.  Go do your own reconnaissance mission and see what works for your own surfing. 

Stay Stoked!

  1. Rich says:

    Review on the Quasar

    Finally got three days of surf this past weekend in various conditions which was amazing to get to test out my 5’8 Quasar.

    The Quasar as easily become my go to board surpassing a 6’0 JC I had been riding.

    Friday’s waves were 2-3 feet and chunky unorganized surf. The board was money in these conditions as the extra float allowed to get into any wave easily. The board is loose but with a round tail and wings it really gave the board a tight turning radius and great maneuverability in the unorganized slop.

    Saturday was a whole different ball game with slack wind and 3-4 foot glass. Once again the board was fast and smooth. I surfed the board the whole day and it is a very forgiving board. This was good when really trying to lay into turns. It really gives a lot of drive through cut backs and roundhouses with the extra float.

    Sunday was the biggest day with some head high sets. It wasn’t clean but it was big and powerful surf. I had the most fun on this day probably due to the size and power that the waves had to offer. The board once again was super fun. I didnt feel under gunned on a 5’8 and was able to make it around sections with the extra speed. The board was great at going vertical.

    This board has quickly become my go-to board in my quiver. Its an an extremely loose and fast board that can still hold its own in some bigger surf. It still needs to be tested on a hallow day but as of now this board performs great in 2 – 7 ft surf, glassed off or chunky surf.

    I ride it as a 5’8 (4 inches shorter then my standard short board) and as a thruster.


    • M says:

      Awesome review! I am so stoked to get my Quasar… (no pressure Gene). The conditons were fun too. Looks like we might get a run of waves this week! I know your setup was a thruster, but I am leaning toward a 5 fin set up for some versitility. Thanks for the good words. Did you get a chance to nab a few this morning too?

      • Rich says:

        Nope unfortunately working in NYC doesn’t allow for any dawn patrols.

        5 fins is def a good option. The board will be even more versatile which I didn’t think was possible.


  2. mike says:

    Super Great Article. It shows your knowledge on the subject of surfing. Awesome Job!

  3. Pete says:

    Are there any specific requirements for the demo days, or can I show up and test out a few boards? I’d be interested in trying out some different shapes, any idea if these events get really crowded?

    • M says:

      Demo days require a DL and maybe a credit card (in case you decide to run off to Mexico with your new quiver). Other than that and the obvious injury waiver and you are in. I would guess there will be crowds, especailly it the heat stays on high.

      I am going to go and paddle around. Feel the boards out etc… if there are waves it will be madness I am sure.

      Check back in and let us know if you hit it up. Would love to hear your thoughts.

      Enjoy the waves tomorrow!

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