As predicted right here at Sea Sand Surf, Donovan Frankenreiter brought some waves along on that magical pink tour bus he rides around in as he strode into Asbury Park.  He also brought some good music and soulful jams with his band to The Stone Pony last night.

Despite the rain, the crowds showed up in force.  The evening started with some mellow vibes provided by Mishka and his sleepy guitar.  Donovan took the stage shortly after and provided some extra sweet music.  He stopped several times during the set to proclaim his day of surf, telling the audience that his bassist got the ride of the day “right out front there.”

When a few members of the crowd gave him some good-natured grief, like only Jersey could, he looked down over his trademark mustache and said, “no seriously man.  We were right out front.  Right across the street there, getting waves off of the jetty.  Where the hell were you?” This got the audience to set up a mighty roar, with hoots and hollers all around. 

One of the other highlights of the evening was Donovan’s shout-out to Jay Alders, who was in effect himself.  Jay had some of his amazing surf art on display and it was an excellent complement to the whole scene.  It was great to see Jersey surf represented so well.

It is cool to know that Donovan walks it like he talks it too.  It is one thing to be all about peace and goodness from the stage, but it is another to make it happen for real. Check the video and note the helping hand. Awesome that he is out there spreading stoke.  It is a great reminder for me that we can all do our little part.


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