The first word that comes to my mind so far this summer is hot. The thermometer has soared every day, the lawns are brown and the crickets are too tired to chirp.  One of the saving graces is that the Mid-Atlantic Corridor has been pleasantly active and waves, while not nearing the epic range, have been abundant. 

The buzz in the forums and in the water is that everyone has had plenty of time getting wet, and this morning’s dawn patrol was no different.  For those of us who could not shirk the responsibilities of the office another day, but wanted to surf, we awoke to waist high glass. The messages and reports I received throughout the day indicated that the wind waited until late morning to make it choppy and sloppy.  

As I left one of my favorite spots around 6:30 this morning to make it to the office I saw Travis “Big Hack” motoring toward his break in his Jeter Mobile.  I know that Tim from Identity Surf took his Green Bean out for the first time.  The feedback is that it performed well.

The Green Bean in the Final Stages

I was there last week when he put the finishing touches on the sanding in the shaping bays of Essence Surf.  The board looked great as the photos can attest.  I believe it is 6’11’’ and my first thought was that it would be a great ride as a single fin.

Local Shapers Getting it Done

Speaking of Gene Wahl and Essence Surf, he has begun to shape my Quasar.  When I was there last week he was working with a student, but we hashed out the last details regarding the shape.  I am really looking forward to giving it a whirl, especially if the skate park conditions continue.

A Quick Photo From After My Session

While visiting the bay, I also left Big Red behind for repairs.  The road to recovery has been long, but the board is finally in a place where it can receive the treatment that it needs.

Get Me To the Hospital

As far as happenings, Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid are sharing a bill in Asbury Park on Sunday, July 25th.  I am sure that it promises to be a great night of music.

Stay cool.

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