Video still of storm map (© The Weather Channel)It can’t be easy to be a Gulf Coast Surfer right now.  The spill is terrible and getting worse, jobs are scarce and now they cannot even pray for waves.  Normally, they must watch the charts, and when tropical depressions like the one in the news begin to form they start waxing boards, changing fins and staking mental claims to their favorite breaks.  But now what?  Now a storm is harbinger of trouble and possible environmental destruction- not of tubes and all day sessions.  Surfers prying for flat spells? Is this what the world has come to? 

Others however, can carry on with business as usual, and so that means hoping for waves.  There looks to be an off chance that the Mid-Atlantic Corridor could see something to ride for the weekend. While it is nothing to get overly excited about, there could be some small scale southerly wind swell.  Monitor tides and local flags for the best chance to get a wave.

If you are lucky, the swell may coincide with the Channel Island Board Demo which takes place on the 24th and 25th.  For my friends on the west coast, Pacific Beach in San Diego is the place to be on Saturday.  Ocean City, Maryland will have the demo on Saturday and Ocean City, New Jersey will be holding on Sunday.  If you happen to make it, feel free to check in with a report. I would give you all of the dates but you can get them here. There are many more stops to come, so get down to the beach!

I recently spoke with Sam Hammer, the famous Jersey ripper.  Sea Sand Surf will be getting together with him to discuss all things surfing in the coming weeks.  I can’t wait to find out about his surf camp.  Stay tuned.

Finally, Daniel is still in the woods.  If you are not looking in on his blog, I suggest you do.  He is on the adventure of a lifetime, and I got the start of Surfer Into the Woods Part II last time he was off of the trail.  I am sure we can finish it up in the coming days. 

Before he left we had a great debate about whether The Drums had created one of the great surf songs of all time with Let’s Go Surfing.  I thought they had. Daniel thought it was a 80s rip off.  Will someone please settle the score?  Is this an all-time surf song or is it trash?  

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    Your best yet.

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