August 1st clearly indicates that we are entering the home stretch of summer and it is time to plan accordingly.  It is time to ask ourselves, “if I am not doing this now, when am I doing it?”  Summer does not wait for us and it is fleeting by its very nature.

So here are some things to consider.  The Big Sea Day Surfing Contest is taking place at Manasquan Inlet on August 14th and 15th.  There are a wide variety of divisions scheduled, so if you have an inkling to compete get the entry form here.  If you are more inclined to get down there and take it all in, hop on your bike and make your way to the shoreline. 

This is assuming that we have waves.  The CI Board Demo took place (or should I say did not take place) on Saturday in Manasquan in an ocean that looked like a lake.  I suppose the old axiom holds true that “you can plan the picnic, but you can’t plan the weather.”

The Gaslight Anthem plays in Asbury Park on Thursday.  It promises to be a great show for those who are holding tickets.  I think they have sold the venue out though.

Traditionally, August has the ability to make or break a summer of surfing in the Mid-Atlantic Corridor.  So as we enter the final phase of summer 2010 we need to collectively hold our breath, cross our fingers and rub our lucky rabbit’s feet that the waves start to fill in, as the basin looks empty right now

Also, there is a premiere of the movie Dark Fall taking place in Atlantic City, at the House of Blues on August 13th.  The film trailer looks amazing.

I for one am particularly antsy as I just picked up my 5’8” Quasar from Essence Surf.  It does not look like it will we need much to get it moving, but flat conditions are flat conditions.  Of course if you have a SUP you are still in business. The Surfer Environmental Alliance is sponsoring the Sea Paddle NYC on August 13th.  Participants are raising money to fight Autism.  It is just another example of surfers making a difference.  Thanks for checking in.  Stay Stoked!



  1. mike says:

    Good work on the dates for the competitions. Knock off the entertainment schedules and more on what’s happening along the East coast. Maryland, Delaware, Massachussets, New York

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