Floating Over Igor

I have had the fortune of meeting some really cool people through surfing.  As a sport it has a way of bringing people together, because it is true that “only a surfer understands the feeling.”  Igor, and his swell, helped fortify that level of shared community even further.

On Friday evening I surfed with Philly Dan.  We met in Ocean Grove because he was interested in buying a board I had for sale. We got a few waves together and he walked away with my Local Motion.  Having never met before I was stoked to have had the chance to grab a few waves with someone new. 

Cool Pictures from Michael Pallers

 But parting with a board is sweet sorrow.  I realize that they are only pieces of foam and fiberglass, but I cannot help but forming emotional attachments.  In many ways it feels like getting dumped by a girl in high school- you know deep down it is not a big deal, but still it sucks.

On the other hand, now there is room in my quiver for a new board. That is where Gene Wahl and Essence Surf will step in.  I know he has big things happening with his designs and I am excited to see where he is heading. I am also happy that Philly Dan will get some really great waves with it.

 After we had surfed early Igor together, with evening settling in, I met Michel Paller.  She was one the beach shooting these pictures, which she was kind enough to share with Sea Sand Surf.  She was super cool and is down for shooting pictures of anyone’s epic session, just send her an email. Pallers@juno.com

The guys in the photos were sharing in the fun.  They had surfed in LBI Friday morning and came north of the Jersey Bend to grab a few.

 The conditions were not the greatest, but it was a nice start to things.  After all, what is better than surfing some fun waves with new friends?  I can’t think of much.

  1. Janis Lynch says:

    Hi Surfers,

    I’m too old for surfing but I love the ocean, love big waves, love to watch surfers. I usually visit Delaware beaches (Rehoboth, Bethany) , or Ocean City NJ or Brigantine. I find that the waves in these places are very small, so I did a Search for where the biggest waves are in New Jersey: answer seems to LBI? Do you guys surf in the winter too? Somebody please write back and tell me where to visit, where to see the biggest waves , where to watch some surfing.

    Janis Lynch

    • Matt says:


      Thanks for checking in and sorry about the delay.

      What I would suggest if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the ocean is look in on a site like http://www.localswell.com or http://www.magicseaweed.com.

      You can follow ocean activity with minimal effort and get to the beach when it is offering up waves. And yes, I am sure you will find people surfing year round in the areas you mentioned. The winter sends wonderful waves.

  2. mike howell says:


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