Pot Holes In My Lawn

Posted: March 13, 2011 in surfing, waves
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De La Soul, rap group extraordinaire, had an album out back in the day titled Three Feet High and Rising.  And while I could probably remember 80%  of the lyrics for Hip-Hop karaoke, it is not the music that stays with me, rather it is the album title.

Three Feet High and Rising is the perfect way I like to think of an incoming southerly swell.  If you are familiar with the album you may remember the refrain where Posdnous asks, “how highs the water ma’ma” and Plug Two replies “three feet high and rising.”

There are times when I am paddling out and I will hear this as clear as a bell and I just need to laugh.  Or even better, there are times when I am hoping for waves and some random object will make me stop and think, “yes, that would be the perfect wave height for me right now.”

Hence the red fire plug.  I passed it on my drive yesterday, and it caught my eye.  All I could think to myself was, how highs the water ma’ma?”




  1. Haha Great post… “three feet high and rising.” I could do with some swell just like that ! Also De La are great my favorite is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3kgjzUsDeg

    Peace !

    • Matt says:

      No doubt Short Board Rob! Rode my 5’6″ today and told my buddy James that if I step down any further I will be on a sponge… Didn’t catch a wave the rest of the session! What is that all about???

  2. jerseyfresh says:

    Three feet and rising SOUTH swell, anyone? Coming from one who dreams of tubes even if im not getting them.

  3. mike howell says:

    You will keep writing good articles as long as “God is willin, and the creek don’t rise.”

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