Another surfer who keeps a blog about his part in the greatest sport of all time.  Like a small leaf on a big tree.

  1. Tim McGeough says:


    Shanna passed along to the link to your blog and I read through your posts, awesome stuff brother. It makes me want to get out in the water even more even though I am a newbie and have no idea what I am doing.

    Be well,


  2. christian says:

    Matt, glad you liked the song. Really digging the content you have on your blog, keep up the good work..


  3. gina says:

    i love your words, pics, videos…i feel like i’m right there when i read them!
    thanks for the post about donovan…seeing him share the board with that girl makes my day!
    looking forward to the next post!

    • M says:

      That is really appreciated. Donovan played some great music. When I watched the video clip again of him surfing I could not help but think about how that girl will remember that ride for the rest of her life. Surfing is great that way.


  4. Rich says:

    Hey Matt
    I am a good friend of Eugene Wahl’s and was actually wondering if you could feature my company on your blog!

    Can you send us an email: Simplyanti@gmail.com if your interested.


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