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As the last winter storm pushed out to sea it left some damn fine surf in its wake.  The waves turned on for an a few hours in the middle of the day and the wind shifted off-shore.  It should not go unsaid that the water temperatures were hovering just above 37 degrees, which meant that the crew who made it out were able to feast as opposed to famine. 

Below are a few of the photos I snapped. 

No need for a GPS to find your way here.

An unknown rider summoning his inner guide

Make a right at the light and go straight into night

More tube time than the Holland Tunnel

A mid-winter traffic jam

With barely a soul to see


Which suits this guy just fine


I Heard the Captain Say…

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With no energy in the Mid-Atlantic I thought this would be the perfect video to share.

10 Things That Made Danielle Great

1)      The water was warm, and the sun was shining

2)      The crowds.  Hell man it is summer.  If you can’t beat ‘em (and you can’t) join ‘em

3)      Finding a nugget to yourself, like this unnamed fortunate soul did (no it was not me)

(There was a beautiful photo here but in respect of the break you will have to imagine it) 

4)      She was a great test of all things surf reporting.  Did anyone not know a week ahead of time?

5)      Surfing with groms who were yelling OUTSIDE! at the sight of an approaching set.

6)      Seeing said groms stoked on grabbing their first hurricane swell

7)      Knowing that Earl is coming, and did someone say Fiona ( and I don’t mean apple)

8)      Seeing a few college guys who got some waves before a landlocked semester

9)      Realizing that Labor Day is a few days away and the crowds well, will not be as crowded

10)   Paddle shape, paddle shape, paddle shape.

Recently ate out at one of the local favorites and these characters were making sure nothing unsavory took place. 

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for bass…

Old school meets hippy horticulture painted on a seashell.  Must be the Jersey Shore.

Lost all of my money to this character in a game of Texas Hold “Em.


Surfboard Mike said “damn those wings were good.”  Like only 10th avenue can…


Surfers always want to know where the waves at?  But the real question is, “where the gold at?”

While the waves were not epic this weekend there wasn’t a shortage of stoke to go around in the local surf scene.  Friday in Manasquan, NJ offered an excellent evening of surf entertainment at the Algonquin Theater.  Sponsors included Starbucks and Surf Taco and both were on hand feeding and watering the masses free of charge.   

The evening opened with a blistering set of music from Quincy Mumford.  His band sounded excellent and was well received from everyone in attendance. 

Jay Alders had set up residence in the lobby and he and his crew mingled while he exhibited his surf art.  In support of the evening, he and Scott Imbre, co-owner of Original Skateboards, raffled off a long board skate board emblazoned with Jay’s art.

...and the Lucky Winner is?

 After Quincy Mumford’s set the evening transitioned to a screening of the Original Skateboards film Fire on the Mountain.  The film truly captures the spirit of adventure that is at the heart of any great road trip.  The obvious bond shared by all parties involved in the high stakes mission to skate down White Face Mountain made the movie.  It also includes a killer soundtrack and some excellent cinematography.  The crowd went nuts when the closing credits rolled.

One of the other free drawings had the ecstatic winner walk away with two VIP tickets to the Matt Costa show that will take place at the Algonquin after the Beach Bash in Manasquan on September 18th.  This promises to be a cool day as it takes place in conjunction with the Belmar Pro.  Mark your calendars.

Finally, this free event was capped off with a showing of Taylor Steele’s Castles in the SkyNeedless to say everyone in attendance left feeling great and waiting for that next chance to get some good waves.

Imbre and Alders
Original Skateboards

Quincy Mumford

As predicted right here at Sea Sand Surf, Donovan Frankenreiter brought some waves along on that magical pink tour bus he rides around in as he strode into Asbury Park.  He also brought some good music and soulful jams with his band to The Stone Pony last night.

Despite the rain, the crowds showed up in force.  The evening started with some mellow vibes provided by Mishka and his sleepy guitar.  Donovan took the stage shortly after and provided some extra sweet music.  He stopped several times during the set to proclaim his day of surf, telling the audience that his bassist got the ride of the day “right out front there.”

When a few members of the crowd gave him some good-natured grief, like only Jersey could, he looked down over his trademark mustache and said, “no seriously man.  We were right out front.  Right across the street there, getting waves off of the jetty.  Where the hell were you?” This got the audience to set up a mighty roar, with hoots and hollers all around. 

One of the other highlights of the evening was Donovan’s shout-out to Jay Alders, who was in effect himself.  Jay had some of his amazing surf art on display and it was an excellent complement to the whole scene.  It was great to see Jersey surf represented so well.

It is cool to know that Donovan walks it like he talks it too.  It is one thing to be all about peace and goodness from the stage, but it is another to make it happen for real. Check the video and note the helping hand. Awesome that he is out there spreading stoke.  It is a great reminder for me that we can all do our little part.

It has now been a full week since we have had a wave even remotely worth getting wet over.  This is unfortunate and enough to drive a surfer a little crazy.  Fortunately, the Belmar Seafood Festival, one of the great harbingers of summer along the Jersey Shore, offered a fine distraction.  The tents were open all weekend and the people came to town with their appetites in tow.   

Sunday Morning Just Before the Crowds

 There was plenty of good music; jazz, blues and rock & roll played in the gazebo on the lake both days.  



Surfrider was there on Friday night and Saturday, but their tent was nowhere to be found on Sunday.  They were signing folks up and promoting environmental awareness as only they can. I was bummed to see them missing on day three.  The good news is that 90.5 The Night, Brookdale Public Radio was in effect.  It is a great station on the radio or for checking out on the web.   


The Belmar Arts Council was also there.  They offer a great link between creativity and the surfing lifestyle.  Hutch and his Wife Pat were raffling off a beach cruiser and doing so in grand fashion.    

Alternative Transportation Anyone?

Of course the highlight of the whole thing is the food, and there was plenty of good stuff to be had.  There must have been close to 60 vendors in total and all of them offered their own specialities.    

Sam, of Witch Doctor Cuisine Making Great Kabob

It was also awesome to see so many local vendors doing their thing.  One of the great stops on any given day in our area is 10th Ave. Burrito and this weekend was no exception.   

1oth Ave. Rules After a Day in the Waves

As you might expect, there are always one or two items that are questionable and dependent on personal preference when it comes to food.  So given the variety I was not surprised to find something that even I would not venture to eat.  


Is This anatomically Correct?

None the less, a great time was had by all.  Now, we just need some waves…