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The Earth Says Hello

Whenever I am faced with the decision about whether I should make it a long night out or a dawn patrol I have always chosen the latter.  To me there is little better than getting in the water and surfing just as the sun is breaking the horizon.  Crowds are usually at a minimum, and the wind almost always stays light so that conditions are clean and glassy.

This morning was no different. After almost two weeks without waves every surfer I know was waiting for the small swell that came our way today. This was evidenced by the number of people who were in the water with me at 6:00 am. The local crowd was in effect, with Travis “Big Hack,” “Step-Down” James and “Long Board” Dean all sitting at one of my favorite spots exchanging waves.  I was happy to join them.

The waves were small and summery.  It was like a few drops of water on the tongue while wandering the desert; just enough to keep you going but not enough to quench the thirst.

There were a few other faces that I did not recognize.  While waiting for a set I overheard their conversation, and I realized that localism is not dead, especially for the dawn patrol crowd.  One of the guys was barking about “some Guido who has been on the beach all summer, yelling and barking out orders to his friends and family.”  The guy went on with much vigor about how he “hopes to see him in the water one day.”

At Least For the DP

I would say that this alarmed me somewhat, but this was dawn patrol.  This was local hour, and I was somewhat glad that there was an inclination to regulate in the pack.  In fairness to everyone else, I will go squeeze in among the herbs and kooks for an afternoon session when the tide drops after 2:00 pm, and I fully expect a free for all of tourists and Bennies. 

That will be fine.  Locals can play nice in the sandbox then, just as long as we have the dawn patrol intact.


The Atlantic Ocean did not care that today was International Surfing Day.  Southwest winds and high pressure meant nothing for the prospect of waves.  It is flat spells like this that can give rise to melancholy and despair.  Alas, I am still grateful to be a surfer though, and I take solace in the fact that good waves will come soon, and they will feel all the sweeter for the prolonged down time.

I did however take stock of my quiver today and it is a Regular Joe’s quiver at best. 

Flat Spells Are For the Dogs

First (L to R) we have the 9 foot soft top.  This was a gift from the owners of a surf school where I instructed a few summers ago.  All of you big time bankers and CEOs can keep your 6 figure bonuses, this was a true blessing.  I am counting on it seeing some action this summer too, as I prepare to teach my father how to surf. Happy Father’s Day Pops!

WCT, Here I Come

Now, I know that the words “Fun Shape” will often draw an evil eye from those who think they are in the know.  But this Kia Nalu is 7’ 3,’  it paddles like butter and is Hawaiian shaped.  I can just hear the sneers and jeers as I paddle out into a crowded lineup, but hell this board is fun!

The Fun Starts Here

 Next, we have my 6’ 4” Local Motion.  The board is a rocket.  Of course, at the time of purchase I completely overestimated the arch of my progression.  I guess that I was momentarily enthralled with the idea of pulling a powerful bottom turn, smashing the lip, pumping twice through a meaty barrel before busting a massive cutback and boosting an air as an exclamation point.  I do none of this.  I have however had some great rides on the thing and it serves an occasional purpose.


The Thorn In My Side

Lastly, there is my Steady Freddy.  This is the 6’ 7s Superfish.  This board is awesome fun.  The step down rails allow me to turn quite well.  The swallow tail keeps it light and loose, and I ride this board 90% of the time now. 


Great For the Daily Commute

I did not mention Big Red, but I have blogged about my long standing love affair with this beast previously. Tim, from Identity Surf is currently giving it some TLC, and I know that when the time is right we will get some fun ones.  I will even work on that cross-step that I abandoned all of those years ago.


My International Surf Day quiver evaluation does leave me wanting more.  Isn’t that they way a quiver works though?  Aren’t we always in search of that next great board?  I know that I am.  And not having surf to ride only makes it worse!   

If you have any suggestions about what board would help round this motley crew out, I am open to advice…

Thanks for checking in.

  The Sacred Craft Surfboard Expo will be taking place in San Diego, California August 14-15th.  Simon Anderson will be honored in an effort to mark the 30 year anniversary of the thruster. 

Anderson is most noted for introducing innovative surfboard designs, particularly the thruster which have completely changed the way that waves are ridden (for many of us anyway).  Every surfer surfing today is effected by his approach, which is really powerful.  What I find most interested about Anderson though, is his belief that surfing and design is about relationships. 

He was quoted once in an interview as saying that, “if you don’t have a relationship with a shaper where you can still get what you want, then that’s more of an issue of not fostering relationships, than me being responsible for something. I’ve only ever done whatever I’ve done in surfing because I want to go surfing – not because I want to dictate where surfing goes, or I want to lead surfing off into a certain area. I’ve just done it because I want to change what I’m doing and I want to move forward on what I’m doing.”

Anderson seems to be saying that it is ultimately important for us to find our own personal mantra for surfing and seek a board that enables that philosophy to be lived.  If it fun you seek, than it is imperative that you find a board that allows for that.  If you seek performance and the ability to do tricks and maneuvers in a progressive fashion than go for it.

In the end it is important that you have the ability to convey your desire to your shaper.  It is through this discussion that you can find a board that is right for you and begin to explore your relationship with surfing.  In coming days I will be speaking Gene, a local Jersey shaper and owner of Essence Surf.  If you are interested in shaping you can also visit Mast Surfboards and get another grass-roots perspective from the west coast.   

All of the best.  Praying for waves…


There is a good chance that we will have a small wave in the water tomorrow morning. I have packed my 7s Superfish in the trunk of my car and I will get a look at it with my morning coffee.  After surfing I intend on bringing the 6’4” Local Motion to the board swap taking place at the Brave New World over Memorial Weekend.    

The shop is generally overpriced, but they have the best selection of gear and clothing in the area.  Check their website out.  The trick is to look for the deals.  I did get my Xcel wetsuit there last summer for 99 bucks.  It was hidden in the back of the racks, so it cannot be all bad. 

The Spring Lake 5 is tomorrow morning too.  I will not be running but it is a great scene.  It always feels like that is the start of summer!

Face it, if you have checked in to Sea Sand Surf before you know that I have to start this post discussing the worst environmental disaster facing our planet in a long time.  I will try not to bore you with the details other than to say that this “spill” is currently estimated to be 2 to 3 times larger than the Valdez disaster.  Of course no one is really sure how much oil is leaking, so I will suffice it to say that it is “a lot.” 

British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward has been working diligently to think of creative ways to stop the leak with no end in sight.  Today he was overheard saying to President Obama that “Bounty is the quicker picker upper.”  I guess that sure beats stuffing the hole with golf balls.  However, if they used that method Tiger Woods might become relevant again, and Hayward is apparently leveraged heavily in Nike stock, so for him the golf ball method would be a “win-win.” 

Thankfully, President Obama has declared a 6 month moratorium on offshore drilling which is just enough time for everyone to forget this ever happened.  Coincidently the end of the moratorium will come as a new season of American Idol begins.  The hope is that this will stop anyone from actually formulating an opinion in their free time.

This is not to hint that the news is all bad.  Today, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez came out and said that a moratorium is insufficient, and that a ban on offshore drilling is the only acceptable decision.  Send him an email and tell him to keep fighting for our ocean and our beaches.

As a final note on the topic, you know it must be bad when it is all I want to write about after coming off of 2 days of very good surf.  I will leave Localswell to chronicle the events for you as Tom Spader has amassed a collection of awesome photos that detail the excellent south east swell that just passed through.

If you are looking for a board this weekend get on over to Brave New World in Point Pleasant.  I just got off the phone with Ryan and he told me they have a board swap starting Friday at 10:00 am and it runs through Memorial Day Monday.  Get your board over early before the sale starts as lots of folks will be cruising down to the beach for sure.

Thanks for checking in!


While the weekend did not produce much in the way of swell for the Jersey Shore, we did catch a small window mid-afternoon on Saturday. A small crew got out in Avon, and I think I caught sight of Mailman Bob getting the longest ride of the day.  Always happy to see him in the lineup.  

I was on old trusty, the 7s Superfish.  I swear that thing will go in anything from a foot to 6 foot plus.    

Take note that the Beach House Board Swap is scheduled for this Saturday, May 16th.  If you are in the market to mix your quiver up, stop by with a board you may be willing to pass along.  Festivities kick off at 9 a.m. 


In professional news Gabe Kling won the Nike 6.0 Lowers event in San Clemente, California this weekend.  Tons of detailed coverage on the big daddy of all surf sites, Surfline.  I just wonder what it must be like to get to surf Lowers with one other person out?  I bet these guys are wondering the same thing too! 


Check back later in the week for the first installment of “Surfer Into the Woods.”  Also, I am super excited to get an interview with Ann Coen, a great surf photographer and that will be coming soon.  

Sign up and stayed tuned in.  Thanks a million.

It looks as though there is a chance for a hard angled south wind swell tomorrow.  The wind is currently out of the SSE at a good clip caused by a low pressure that is pushing through and cooling things off.  Expect the wind to shift as the low goes further out to sea sometime near mid-day.  Check your flags and the tides for a fun cleanup session. Nothing mind-blowing obviously but it could be worth a paddle  

Get a few waves and you will feel like this guy.

I have waxed the 7s Superfish and will be looking for a spot to get a few.  

If you are looking for something to do Saturday evening, Eastern Lines is sponsoring a fund-raiser at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park from 3-7.  It is 10 bucks at the door with funds going toward the Belmar Pro.

The last thing to keep your eye on is the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro taking place in San Clemente, Ca.  The few clips I have seen from the event so far show that these guys are pushing it big time.  Catch the clip of Jordy Smith’s 10 point ride if you can.  Chris Spirito needs to get out and grab one!

Thanks for checking in.