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Below are ten very unofficial suggestions you may wish to adopt as resolutions for the year twenty-eleven.  Either way SeaSandSurf wishes you a year of peace and good times. 

1) Don’t hate on the beach that is growing on the floor of your car.  Sand is beautiful.

2) Drink more pre-surf coffee so you can stay warm during those winter sessions.

3) Don’t doubt it- when it’s your turn to go, paddle and go.

4) Road trip!

5) If you find yourself mind surfing in the middle of the afternoon then you must be doing something right.

6) Don’t let the boss know.

7) Surf on a day that is beyond your comfort zone, even if it means a surf trip to Tahiti.

8) Go ahead, hoot that stranger in the line-up into the wave of the day.

9) Snake one for old time’s sake.

10)  If anyone can get away with wearing a pair of purple Uggs you can. No, for real!

A special thanks to Daniel “Surfer Into the Woods” Yackewych for helping to formulate the scientific list above.


It is official.  The NFL is on my television and the evenings are cool.  I have pulled some of the last tomatoes off of my back yard vines and the summer has gone to bed.

Sure, it will get hot for a few days again.  The beaches might even get crowded on a Saturday afternoon, but June is further away than February.

Surfers know that this is not the time for despair though.  My tip: keep stretching, exercise and get ready for Hurricane Igor

If you are looking for some social activity, don’t forget the Surf Bash at the Algonquin Theater in Manasquan on September 18th.  Who can’t use some excellent surf art from Jay Alders and the mellow music of Matt Costa?  With Surfrider and Original Skateboards helping sponsor, it will be a good evening.

Also, mark your calendars for the New York Surf Film Festival which takes place on the weekend of September 24th in Tribeca.  Looking at the program The Dark Fall and Being Captain Zero both jump out at me. 

In that same vein, I thought I would share this short film by Carmen Vicari; just another talented East Coast guy getting it done.   Thanks for checking in.

The wind has been blowing onshore for the past three or four days.  Frustratingly, it has not produced much in the way of quality surf.  There has been the distinct smell of autumn in the air however.  This is not to suggest that summer is over, but the fall is waiting in the wings.  Although early predictions had suggested that we would have an active tropical season that has not been the case yet.  We all know that can change on the dime so keep monitoring the reports.

My previous few surfs have taken place on the 5’8” Quasar shaped by Gene Wahl from Essence surf.  The board performed very well.  I was skeptical, as it was a step down for me from my traditional 6’ board, but it is sweet.  I rode it as a tri-fin set up, although the board is constructed with 5 fin boxes offering all kinds of options.

There is very little rocker and it paddles like a champion.  The thicker rails allow for easy wave entry and they offer a feeling of stability as well.  If I were to summarize the board in one word it would be “fast.”  The board seems to naturally generate speed and any prodding on my part only made the Quasar run faster.  The board also turns on a dime and stays underfoot very well.  If you are considering a step down or a pod in general, it is a solid way to go.  

In other news, I recently met with Mike Stadler, owner and shaper of New Life Surfboards.  Mike is a true surfer and he has a very interesting story which I look forward to sharing.  It is always great to meet other people who share the same level of passion for surfing, and he and his wife Trish were super hospitable.

For all the Tri-State readers, if you have not already done so, get your tickets to the Surf Bash at the Algonquin Theater in Manasquan.  The date is Saturday, September 18th.  There is a free outdoor Surf Festival that begins at 4:00 and Matt Costa is performing at 7:30.  Jay Alders and the guys from Original Skateboards will be there, and I am sure it will be a cool evening of surf art, music and community.

Thanks for checking in.  If you have not contributed your thoughts to the Six-Word Ocean Project please do.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Pot of Gold

Click the link above and take a moment to think about the ocean. Thanks!

While the waves were not epic this weekend there wasn’t a shortage of stoke to go around in the local surf scene.  Friday in Manasquan, NJ offered an excellent evening of surf entertainment at the Algonquin Theater.  Sponsors included Starbucks and Surf Taco and both were on hand feeding and watering the masses free of charge.   

The evening opened with a blistering set of music from Quincy Mumford.  His band sounded excellent and was well received from everyone in attendance. 

Jay Alders had set up residence in the lobby and he and his crew mingled while he exhibited his surf art.  In support of the evening, he and Scott Imbre, co-owner of Original Skateboards, raffled off a long board skate board emblazoned with Jay’s art.

...and the Lucky Winner is?

 After Quincy Mumford’s set the evening transitioned to a screening of the Original Skateboards film Fire on the Mountain.  The film truly captures the spirit of adventure that is at the heart of any great road trip.  The obvious bond shared by all parties involved in the high stakes mission to skate down White Face Mountain made the movie.  It also includes a killer soundtrack and some excellent cinematography.  The crowd went nuts when the closing credits rolled.

One of the other free drawings had the ecstatic winner walk away with two VIP tickets to the Matt Costa show that will take place at the Algonquin after the Beach Bash in Manasquan on September 18th.  This promises to be a cool day as it takes place in conjunction with the Belmar Pro.  Mark your calendars.

Finally, this free event was capped off with a showing of Taylor Steele’s Castles in the SkyNeedless to say everyone in attendance left feeling great and waiting for that next chance to get some good waves.

Imbre and Alders
Original Skateboards

Quincy Mumford

The first word that comes to my mind so far this summer is hot. The thermometer has soared every day, the lawns are brown and the crickets are too tired to chirp.  One of the saving graces is that the Mid-Atlantic Corridor has been pleasantly active and waves, while not nearing the epic range, have been abundant. 

The buzz in the forums and in the water is that everyone has had plenty of time getting wet, and this morning’s dawn patrol was no different.  For those of us who could not shirk the responsibilities of the office another day, but wanted to surf, we awoke to waist high glass. The messages and reports I received throughout the day indicated that the wind waited until late morning to make it choppy and sloppy.  

As I left one of my favorite spots around 6:30 this morning to make it to the office I saw Travis “Big Hack” motoring toward his break in his Jeter Mobile.  I know that Tim from Identity Surf took his Green Bean out for the first time.  The feedback is that it performed well.

The Green Bean in the Final Stages

I was there last week when he put the finishing touches on the sanding in the shaping bays of Essence Surf.  The board looked great as the photos can attest.  I believe it is 6’11’’ and my first thought was that it would be a great ride as a single fin.

Local Shapers Getting it Done

Speaking of Gene Wahl and Essence Surf, he has begun to shape my Quasar.  When I was there last week he was working with a student, but we hashed out the last details regarding the shape.  I am really looking forward to giving it a whirl, especially if the skate park conditions continue.

A Quick Photo From After My Session

While visiting the bay, I also left Big Red behind for repairs.  The road to recovery has been long, but the board is finally in a place where it can receive the treatment that it needs.

Get Me To the Hospital

As far as happenings, Cypress Hill and Slightly Stoopid are sharing a bill in Asbury Park on Sunday, July 25th.  I am sure that it promises to be a great night of music.

Stay cool.

As predicted right here at Sea Sand Surf, Donovan Frankenreiter brought some waves along on that magical pink tour bus he rides around in as he strode into Asbury Park.  He also brought some good music and soulful jams with his band to The Stone Pony last night.

Despite the rain, the crowds showed up in force.  The evening started with some mellow vibes provided by Mishka and his sleepy guitar.  Donovan took the stage shortly after and provided some extra sweet music.  He stopped several times during the set to proclaim his day of surf, telling the audience that his bassist got the ride of the day “right out front there.”

When a few members of the crowd gave him some good-natured grief, like only Jersey could, he looked down over his trademark mustache and said, “no seriously man.  We were right out front.  Right across the street there, getting waves off of the jetty.  Where the hell were you?” This got the audience to set up a mighty roar, with hoots and hollers all around. 

One of the other highlights of the evening was Donovan’s shout-out to Jay Alders, who was in effect himself.  Jay had some of his amazing surf art on display and it was an excellent complement to the whole scene.  It was great to see Jersey surf represented so well.

It is cool to know that Donovan walks it like he talks it too.  It is one thing to be all about peace and goodness from the stage, but it is another to make it happen for real. Check the video and note the helping hand. Awesome that he is out there spreading stoke.  It is a great reminder for me that we can all do our little part.