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Below are ten very unofficial suggestions you may wish to adopt as resolutions for the year twenty-eleven.  Either way SeaSandSurf wishes you a year of peace and good times. 

1) Don’t hate on the beach that is growing on the floor of your car.  Sand is beautiful.

2) Drink more pre-surf coffee so you can stay warm during those winter sessions.

3) Don’t doubt it- when it’s your turn to go, paddle and go.

4) Road trip!

5) If you find yourself mind surfing in the middle of the afternoon then you must be doing something right.

6) Don’t let the boss know.

7) Surf on a day that is beyond your comfort zone, even if it means a surf trip to Tahiti.

8) Go ahead, hoot that stranger in the line-up into the wave of the day.

9) Snake one for old time’s sake.

10)  If anyone can get away with wearing a pair of purple Uggs you can. No, for real!

A special thanks to Daniel “Surfer Into the Woods” Yackewych for helping to formulate the scientific list above.


Click the link above and take a moment to think about the ocean. Thanks!

Video still of storm map (© The Weather Channel)It can’t be easy to be a Gulf Coast Surfer right now.  The spill is terrible and getting worse, jobs are scarce and now they cannot even pray for waves.  Normally, they must watch the charts, and when tropical depressions like the one in the news begin to form they start waxing boards, changing fins and staking mental claims to their favorite breaks.  But now what?  Now a storm is harbinger of trouble and possible environmental destruction- not of tubes and all day sessions.  Surfers prying for flat spells? Is this what the world has come to? 

Others however, can carry on with business as usual, and so that means hoping for waves.  There looks to be an off chance that the Mid-Atlantic Corridor could see something to ride for the weekend. While it is nothing to get overly excited about, there could be some small scale southerly wind swell.  Monitor tides and local flags for the best chance to get a wave.

If you are lucky, the swell may coincide with the Channel Island Board Demo which takes place on the 24th and 25th.  For my friends on the west coast, Pacific Beach in San Diego is the place to be on Saturday.  Ocean City, Maryland will have the demo on Saturday and Ocean City, New Jersey will be holding on Sunday.  If you happen to make it, feel free to check in with a report. I would give you all of the dates but you can get them here. There are many more stops to come, so get down to the beach!

I recently spoke with Sam Hammer, the famous Jersey ripper.  Sea Sand Surf will be getting together with him to discuss all things surfing in the coming weeks.  I can’t wait to find out about his surf camp.  Stay tuned.

Finally, Daniel is still in the woods.  If you are not looking in on his blog, I suggest you do.  He is on the adventure of a lifetime, and I got the start of Surfer Into the Woods Part II last time he was off of the trail.  I am sure we can finish it up in the coming days. 

Before he left we had a great debate about whether The Drums had created one of the great surf songs of all time with Let’s Go Surfing.  I thought they had. Daniel thought it was a 80s rip off.  Will someone please settle the score?  Is this an all-time surf song or is it trash?  

I noticed today that Surfline has posted a preview of the J-Bay ASP contest which is forthcoming, and it got me to thinking of all of the people who will not be surfing in the contest.  I should probably preface anything else that I write here by stating that J-Bay has always been my dream wave.  As a teenager, I covered my walls and locker with pictures of the right hand point break which I snipped from Surfer Magazine.  I should also state, that I am realistically ill-equipped to ride the place well, but hell, a guy can dream.  All of this said, I will tell you that the first person you will not see surfing J-Bay in this contest is me.

I can almost hear Kelly Slater breathing a sigh of relief. Can you imagine if he lost his chance at a 10th world title because I actually got a decent barrel?

The rest of the surfing world is aware that Joel Parkinson will not be surfing either.  While he had a more realistic chance of winning the thing than I did, there was something with stitches and a gash and blood.  Those pesky fins!  Stick around and surf long enough, and you too will get to know the pain.

While being a long shot to grab the podium, I must tell you that LeBron James will not be in the contest.  Yes, he has dominated sporting news in recent weeks, but there is serious speculation about his ability to swim.  This makes his choice to play for the Miami Heat questionable, but I am sure he could get some endorsement cash for wearing a rubber ducky inner tube while drinking a Red Bull pool side.  Come on LeBron, think outside of the box man!

I will also tell you that neither President Obama nor Tony Hayward will be able to make it to the famed venue.  While both would like the chance to destroy some waves by unleashing their energy on the helpless ocean there is some concern that the devastation they will spew may be too much.  They do both have a willing sponsor in BP however.

Other names that you will not see on the 32 man roster are as follows: Barbara Streisand, Elmo, Mr. T, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Glen Beck and Betty White (although she is in the news a lot lately.)

Still, the contest stands to be a good one, and I am sure that I will spend hours mind surfing the waves like I did in high school.  This goes to prove the old axiom that the more things change, the more things stay the same.  

The ocean is flat and has been for some time.  I was able to judge the actual lack of surf recently when I checked in on Dan’s blog Jersey Fresh about his hike on the Pacific Coast Trail and saw that he has been in the woods for 54 days.  In that time I have surfed on actual waves 3, maybe 4 times.

Reports say waves may be coming for the weekend though.  I am certain that no one with a board will be sitting this one out.  Like seagulls on a french fry…

Jay Alders checked in, and he is back from Brazil.  Currently, he is on his way to The Pit in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  He will be back in Jersey for his solo exhibit at the Langosta Lounge on July 14th.  That is the same night that Donavon Frankenreiter is playing at the Stone Pony.  This promises to be a great night, and my wife and I will be in effect.

As a follow-up to my visit with Gene Wahl and Essence Surf, the blank is in the pipeline.  Shaping of the Quasar will begin soon and Dylan Jones finished the airbrush on his funshape.  I hope the completion of the Quasar coincides with the arrival of a tropical swell.  The ocean should be cranking out some named storms soon.

Jones' Hand Shaped Board

Speaking of coincidental occurences, we did note that the flat spell has aligned perfectly with the spill in the gulf.  One guy I spoke with recently, by the name of Crazy Bob, suggested that BP “may have shut the atmosphere off.”

When I suggested that this was not really possible he told me that “I did not understand extraterrestrial life forms and the existence of UFO’s.”  When pressed further he produced some questionable photographs and yelled until his front teeth fell out.  Bloddy gums aside, I think Crazy Bob may be on to something.

Come on BP… release the waves already!

Call me crazy, but it seems that amid all of the fist pounding and brow beating associated with the spill in the gulf, that something is missing.  As we invent mechanisms to gather every drop of the precious crude and figure out ways to mitigate the financial damage to mega-corporations we wait for someone to provide a plan.  Politicians are making threats and babbling around in circles, acting as if they are not at the mercy of powerful oil lobbyists.  Scientists are focused on stopping the leak and mitigating damage to the environment, as well they should be right now.

But where is the long-term vision?  Recently, over dinner with some friends and family this conversation arose and consensus was pretty clear that if this disaster does not provide the impetus for our country to seriously seek an alternative fuel source to power our cars and lives, what will?

So that is the problem isn’t it?  With all of this happening, the destruction, the loss of human and wildlife, and the heavy burden of emotional despair both near and far, it is still, in essence, behavior as usual.  This is a concern.  If not now, when?  If not this, what?

There is one silver lining in this massive gray cloud that is the spill in the gulf, and that is the amount of human ingenuity that has been thrown at the problem.  Government, business, and local person alike have thrown their backs and wallets into finding a solution.   I know that necessity is the mother of invention, and so I know we will invent a way to stop this leak eventually.

So join me now for a moment and picture this:  as the spill is stopped, and the clean-up begins our attention is bound to shift. Rather than the resources currently allocated to fixing this problem dispersing back to their ordinary lives, what if an even larger project began.  What if all of the intellectual property, the mechanical knowhow, the men and women, the bankers and lawyers, the politicians, scientists and business people immediately went to work on creating a viable alternative to fulfill our needs?  What would happen if BP shifted the context of its business model away from drilling and chose to become the leader in this pioneering endeavor?

I would think that if there were such a willingness expressed under the proper leadership this tipping point might lead us to a brighter tomorrow.             

Far be it from me to be an alarmist, but the latest projections about where the oil spill may head have it wrapping into the Atlantic and traveling up the seaboard.  This is according to the latest report from the National Center for Atmospheric Research.  Click here to see their fancy video model.

In unrelated bad news, the surf remains flat, but the early reports look good for mid to late next week.  If you are looking for something to do in the meantime check my previous blog or head on over the Surf Club and catch The Wailers on June 4th.

And if all of this makes you anxious and uncertain take a moment and read the poem Yes written by William Stafford…


It could happen any time, tornado,

earthquake, Armageddon. It could happen.

Or Sunshine, love, salvation.

It could, you know. That’s why we wake

And look out- no guarantees

In this life.

But some bonuses, like morning,

like right now, like noon,

like evening.

Sometimes it seems like the simplest ideas are the best…