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Few people dislike the idea of “cardio” workouts more than me, however cardio is necessary to develop the stamina needed for those long paddles against currents and through rips.  This is challenging enough in warm water, add to it a 6mm wetsuit that weighs 20 pounds when wet, and getting out passed the breakers with the lungs to turn and go on a nice set is extremely difficult. So carido, while being evil is a requirement for the surfer who wants to stay in the game.

You can train your cardiovascular system in a number of ways. Running outside is fine or use a  treadmill when you are out of time.  Anywhere between 2-4 miles on a consistent basis will get the job done for most of us. While this fulfills the purpose of getting a cardiovascular workout, you may also think about playing soccer or basketball instead.  The required starts and stops emulate the dash toward a good wave in energy output.  If you can find a steady tennis partner that is a good way to go as well. 

Remember to make staying fit a priority.  The spill over into your surfing and overall health will come with many rewards.  Who knows, it may make the difference between dropping into the barrel of a lifetime or getting skunked on the inside like Wilbur?