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Below are ten very unofficial suggestions you may wish to adopt as resolutions for the year twenty-eleven.  Either way SeaSandSurf wishes you a year of peace and good times. 

1) Don’t hate on the beach that is growing on the floor of your car.  Sand is beautiful.

2) Drink more pre-surf coffee so you can stay warm during those winter sessions.

3) Don’t doubt it- when it’s your turn to go, paddle and go.

4) Road trip!

5) If you find yourself mind surfing in the middle of the afternoon then you must be doing something right.

6) Don’t let the boss know.

7) Surf on a day that is beyond your comfort zone, even if it means a surf trip to Tahiti.

8) Go ahead, hoot that stranger in the line-up into the wave of the day.

9) Snake one for old time’s sake.

10)  If anyone can get away with wearing a pair of purple Uggs you can. No, for real!

A special thanks to Daniel “Surfer Into the Woods” Yackewych for helping to formulate the scientific list above.


Daniel Yackewych and I finally caught up via telephone several days ago.  The timing could not have been more appropriate.  Like a tried and true surfer, he must have smelled that the Atlantic was finally starting to brew- with Hurricane Danielle cranking happily along and more activity sniffing at her heels.  This is some feat on his part though, since he was reporting from a small town just off of the Pacific Crest Trail, 200 miles south of the Oregon border.  However, I was not surprised that he still had a read on things- because a surfer in the woods is still a surfer.

SSS: Excellent to hear from you brother.

Daniel Yackewych: Excellent to be heard from.

SSS: For those not checking in on your blog, which is an awesome travel log by the way, please tell us, how is the hike going?

DY: As well as could be expected with 100 plus days under my feet.  I am ragged, dirty and worn but I am feeling good.  So far we have hiked just over 1600 miles and I smell to high heaven.

SSS: You say we- I thought this was a solo mission?

DY:  It started out that way, but I have a few travel companions now who share the goal of making it Canada.

SSS: Mainly Flyboxer right?  I feel like I know the guy from your posts. 

DY: Yeah, Flyboxer is a real levelheaded guy and we have a similar approach to the hike.

SSS: What approach might that be?

DY: Well, a lot of people on the trail are super succinct when they get into town.  They are able to organize their supplies, do their shopping and what not with little effort.  I on the other hand, end up standing in the middle of the grocery store, wandering the aisles for two hours trying to adjust to the change of scenery.  Flyboxer is the same way so that works well.

SSS: It sounds like you are a homeless guy.  You aren’t talking to yourself or screaming on street corners about the approaching UFOs are you?


DY:  (Laughs) I don’t think so.  Would somebody tell me if I was?

SSS: That is a great point.  I guess we will see when you get back.  Speaking of getting back, what does that look like for you?

DY: Well finishing the hike will be a miracle.  Washington looms as does late September, and the weather is going to play a huge factor. We are certain to encounter some wet chilly conditions and I am trying to mentally prepare myself.  As the trip is currently planned, I am flying back to New Jersey in early October.

SSS:  Just in time for some prime Atlantic activity I hope.  Although I doubt that you are thinking much about surfing right now.

DY: You would be surprised.  I really miss getting in the water and it is one of the things I look forward to most.

SSS: What else do you miss in terms of your “normal” life?

DY:  I have thought about this a ton.  I miss having an armrest and a couch.  I am focused on a beer, a blanket and the NFL.  I really want to see football.  Flyboxer and I are actually going to try and catch a high school game somewhere in Oregon.

SSS: That is if security doesn’t throw the two homeless guys out.

DY: (Laughs) Good point.  Although most towns along the PCT are used to having hikers pass through, so it is more likely that someone will offer us a pasta dinner and place to shower.  The people we have met along the way have been amazing.

SSS:  And if you had to say there was one lesson that you have learned so far, what would it be?

DY:  I would have to say that I have learned that I know where my home is.  I feel really grounded in knowing that New Jersey is where I belong and that I have it to come back to.  The hike has solidified my attachment to place- to family and friends. 

SSS:  Well that is cool.  Just so you know we will be here when you get back.  Of course you better plan on getting into paddle shape before the winter swells start to come in, or you will be sure to get you tail handed to you.

DY: I know!  I am hoping it is like riding a bike.

SSS:  There is a reason why Todd Stewart titled his short surf film Surf Magazines Don’t Talk About Lapsed Catholics. The ocean will be waiting…

DY: I can’t wait.

SSS:  We can’t either.  Keep up the great work.

DY: I will. I hope there is a Jersey Freshie waiting with my name on it.

SSS: You know there is, and I am buying!

DY: With pepperoni too?

SSS: Sure.

DY: Nice.


Click the link above and take a moment to think about the ocean. Thanks!

Recently ate out at one of the local favorites and these characters were making sure nothing unsavory took place. 

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for bass…

Old school meets hippy horticulture painted on a seashell.  Must be the Jersey Shore.

Lost all of my money to this character in a game of Texas Hold “Em.


Surfboard Mike said “damn those wings were good.”  Like only 10th avenue can…


Surfers always want to know where the waves at?  But the real question is, “where the gold at?”

As predicted right here at Sea Sand Surf, Donovan Frankenreiter brought some waves along on that magical pink tour bus he rides around in as he strode into Asbury Park.  He also brought some good music and soulful jams with his band to The Stone Pony last night.

Despite the rain, the crowds showed up in force.  The evening started with some mellow vibes provided by Mishka and his sleepy guitar.  Donovan took the stage shortly after and provided some extra sweet music.  He stopped several times during the set to proclaim his day of surf, telling the audience that his bassist got the ride of the day “right out front there.”

When a few members of the crowd gave him some good-natured grief, like only Jersey could, he looked down over his trademark mustache and said, “no seriously man.  We were right out front.  Right across the street there, getting waves off of the jetty.  Where the hell were you?” This got the audience to set up a mighty roar, with hoots and hollers all around. 

One of the other highlights of the evening was Donovan’s shout-out to Jay Alders, who was in effect himself.  Jay had some of his amazing surf art on display and it was an excellent complement to the whole scene.  It was great to see Jersey surf represented so well.

It is cool to know that Donovan walks it like he talks it too.  It is one thing to be all about peace and goodness from the stage, but it is another to make it happen for real. Check the video and note the helping hand. Awesome that he is out there spreading stoke.  It is a great reminder for me that we can all do our little part.

Let’s face it, summer will be gone as soon as it gets here.  So, as you plan for things to do be sure to pencil in the Donavan Frankenreiter show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park  on July 14th.  There are sure to be plenty of soulful jams and tons of peaceful vibes floating around that night.

Franenreiter plays laid back music that will be perfect after a day in the waves.  The only thing we can hope is that he brings a swell along with him.  I am sure Donavan, a great surfer by all accounts, will have a quiver on the tour bus as he looks to get the dust of the road cleaned off in a few crispy barrels.  His tour is extensive, so be sure to catch him when he comes to your area if you can’t make it that night.

Another band worth getting tickets for is Gaslight Anthem.  These New Brunswick natives are definitely going to sell the Stone Pony out on August 5th, and they have a good chance of putting on the concert of the summer.  Their latest album American Slang is classic lyrical punk. My buddy Mike and I will be there for this one.  If you see me, send me up for a crowd surf!

Keep checking in for concert news, wave updates and all that is happening (and not so happening).  Thanks.

Big Red

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Surf Gear
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Every rose has a thorn

I mainly ride short boards now.  It feels ridiculous to say, like some claim at snobbery, but it is true.  My go to board is a 6 foot 7s Superfish which, while not being organic and soulful, is damn fun to ride.  I often wonder what it says about me that I would buy, and admit to riding, a board that was a product placement on the sitcom Gary Unmarried. 


I also ride a 6′ 4″ inch Local Motion from time to time.  The best way I can describe the Local Motion is via an interaction I had at Brave New World surf shop the other day in Point Pleasant.  I was going through the racks just checking out the different shapes. There was a guy there doing the same.  He was super outgoing and he saw that I was enamored by a 5’8″ Merrick Pod.  He approached me and extolled the board’s virtues.  He explained that it was a favorite board of his.  The conversation moved along as we pulled different sticks from the racks.  He asked my opinion about a 6′ Lost… Blunt that he was vibing on.  I told him my experience with my Local Motion which has a similar pin tail.  When he heard the name Local Motion he looked at me and said “wow, I thought they stopped making those in the 80s.”  I know that this comment is not a true indicator of the boards performance, but it does sum my relationship with the board up.

That is my point to degree.  As surfers we make relationships with our boards.  Some of these relationships are hot and short, not lasting more than a season or the addition of 10 pounds to our frame.  Others are long and loving, a romance that starts as a tepid friendship, and endures through bumps and bruises and rocky times.  These relationships shape the very life of our surfing existence.  Our surfing style changes to meet the demands of the board as much as the board meets the demands of our surfing.

To that end I will always have a place inside of me that is an old school longboarder.  When I say old school, I mean VW Bus Driving, hair down to my navel wearing, hippie sandal rocking, patchouli oil bathing, vegan eating old school.  My surfing was informed by a board that was built when that style was all of the rage.  The board that I fell in love with, and that still holds my toes over the nose, is the 8′ 10″ 35 lb. Morey Pope. 

Big Red

This board was given to me by an old high school friend.  He salvaged the board from a wood pile.  He gave me the board and said go ahead and keep it I am never going to ride it.  (I still owe Freddy a return of that stoke).  I surfed it for years before I invested in a “real” board.  Everything about the thing is lumbering and massive, and that is what makes it beautiful. 

I have not been the greatest of owners, to that I must admit.  In some ways I have been a good keeper though.  Somehow I have managed to lug this board around, even when sleeping on couches and renting studio apartments from month to month (the things we do for love).  When I could not keep the board with me, I have made certain that it was properly housed, until it could home to roost.  Where I have been delinquent is that I have surfed the board with holes, and dings and gashes galore.

The scars of love

In an effort to repay the love that this board has shown me however, I will make a honset attempt to get it fixed. It has hung safely in my garage in recent years and the repair process will begin soon.  I will document the healing.  We will surf together again soon.  Although I profess to be a shortboarder, the slumbering kook wearing the tye dyes of the summer of love will be stoking into waves on this big bessy.  Who knows, maybe it will even get me to part with the Local Motion.  Afterall, it is sooooo 80s.